Weapons and Equipment of the Legion
Weapons and Equipment: Past and Present

The primary infantry weapon used during my time in the Legion was the MAS-36 carbine. It was operated by bolt action and carried a five round magazine of 7.5 x 57mm cartridges. The MAT-49 submachinegun was in wide use by the Legion as well, but I only carried it while on guard duty. Later on in my service, we were being issued the MAS-49 semi automatic rifle.

The MAS-36 which was carried by me during operations.

The MAT-49 SMG had a collapsable wire stock as well as a
foldable magazine for compactness.

The later issued MAS-49

Legionnaire from the 2REI is carrying the FAMAS

Since 1978, the primary infantry weapon of the French Army has been the FAMAS, which replaced the MAS-49
Click here for a detailed list of the FAMAS components.

Light Machineguns

The Legion used the FM 24/29 light machinegun, but it was being phased out of service about the time I joined. It was replaced by the AA 52 machinegun which is still in use by the Legion today in an updated variation.

An older AA 52 which utilized the French 7.55mm round

A legionnaire from the 1er REP fires the FM 24/29

The newer version fires the 7.62 NATO round


In the 1er REC we used the Dodge 6x6 as a personel carrier and the GMC truck. The 2em REC also used light armored vehicles but were equiped with the M8 machinegun and 36mm cannon. The main fighting vehicle in the 1er REC was the Panhard EBR which primary weapon was the FL-11 90mm cannon and up to four 7.5mm machineguns for defense. The EBR held a crew of four and had a top speed of 100km/hr.

The four crew Panhard EBR was the vehicle used
in the REC while I was serving.

Currently, the vehicle in use by the REC is the AMX-10RC

Photo by Former Legionnaire Glenn Ferguson