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Update for half brother of Erich Ambs, Legion name Egon Amrich.
Daniel has had contact with Erich in Beer-Shiva Israel.He is married and has four children.
You may contact Daniel.

Search for missing Legionnaires

I am trying to compile a list of missing Legionnaires and if possible their photos to help familys and friends try to find them. Also, Legionnaires who are looking for comrades can also be added to this page.

If you are looking for, or know of any missing Legionnaires please e-mail me as much information about them as possible. (Name/legion name, regiments served in, date joined/last heard from, photos, etc) Email me here and I will add them below.

You can also send me later updates or a picture for insertion.

If you have the army number/matricule and Legion name (name is not enough you have to have the army number) of the one you're looking for, you can write a letter to the following address inquiring about them.

Commandement de La Légion étrangère
Bureau des Anciens
Quartier Viénot RD 2
BP 21 355
13 784 AUBAGNE Cedex

If you think the Legionnaire you are looking for might have fallen in Indo China, you can write to the following address to see if his name is on the honour wall, or check this virtual wall of honor from the Ðiên Biên Phú web site

Virtual wall of Honor
Listing names of fallen and missing in action French soldiers from the Indo China war.

Monsieur le lieutenant-colonel
officier de garnison de la Saint Raphael
B.P. 93, 83608 Frejus Cedex

French Ministry of Defence
This website gives the public access to databases created from the digitalization and indexation of biographical records preserved in the services of the ministry of defence.
It also aims to honour the memory of those who took part in contemporary wars and sometimes gave their lives for their country.

Click on research and fill in the required info.

Posted April 4 2019 By: Isabelle
E-mail Please Contact Isabelle via this web site

Real name:?

Legion name: John O'Brien or O'Brian

He was until the last moment in Madagscar at Sakaramy camp (Diego suarez). He is an Anglo Saxon (Irish and / or Scottish), belonging to the 2em REP. He left for Guyana after Madagsacar (Sakaramy camp, Diego Suarez in the north of the island) around June / July 1973. He came twice to Madagascar with the Legion. His sergeant was called "Kin"; in phonetics. He himself was a caporal or higher rank, but then demoted for non-compliant behavior (drink ...).

Il est resté jusqu'au dernier moment à Madagscar au camp de sakaramy (Diego suarez). Il est anglo saxon (irlandais ou/et écossais), appartenant à la légion étrangère parachutiste. Il est parti directement en Guyane après Madagsacar (camp de Sakaramy, à Diego Suarez dans le nord de l'ile) vers juin/juillet 1973. Il est venu 2 fois à Madagascar avec la Légion. Son sergent s'appelait : "Kin"; en phonétique. Lui même a été gradé mais ensuite dégradé pour comportement non conforme (boisson…).

Posted Sept-12 2011 By: Judith
E-mail Please Contact Judith via this web site

Real name:Hendrik Laurens Sparenberg
He also used the first names Henkie, John and Henri

Legion name: ?

Date of Birth 25-01-1945 Devonport, Plymouth UK
Married to Carla Hendriksen 29 November 1967
Mother's name:Violet Lilian Gilley.
Brother's name Jacky

We think that Hendrik Sparenberg joined the Legion in about 1962
If you have known Hendrik Sparenberg, please contact Judith.

Posted March 12-2011 By: Kevin Larson
E-mail Please Contact kevin

Real name: Andy Gardener (could be a different spelling)

Legion name: Andy Gardener

He and I were good buddies in the 2REP. I served my 5 in the 3REI and the 2ndREP, respectively, between 1984-89. Last I heard he was a Captain in the Brit Army somewhere in Transportation -- regiment unknown. He is originally from Folkestone on Kent, near Dover (my favorite pub haunts). His dad was an RSM in the Rodesian Rifles, too. Please feel free to give out my email to anyone you see fit. Maybe I can get in touch with my old buddy.

Posted January 06 2011 By: Marion
E-mail Please Contact Marion

Real name: Reindert Rossel

Legion name: ?

Date of Birth 29-09-1929 leeuwarden Netherlands
Married to ilse Fiethen straelen and divorced, one daughter of this marriage Beatrix Rossel born in Straelen Germany 26-10-1952
We think that Reindert Rossel joined the Legion in 1953-1954
If you have known Reindert Rossel, please contact Marion.

Posted April 24-2006 By: Marte Nevelsteen
E-mail Please Contact the web master

Real name: Jos Nevelsteen

Legion name: ?

Jos Nevelsteen, was in Algeria from 1958 tot 1963 (Bone)
1957 : R.E.I. de passage nr 3
1958 : 1° regiment Etranger de Parachutistes à/c du Classé en échelle 2
1958 : 4° regiment Etranger de'Infanterie à/c du affecté à la CR
If you have known Jos, please contact the web master.
I will post more information if and when it becomes available.

Posted Nov. 4 2008 By: Gwenda
E-mail Please Contact gwenda

Real name: John/Johnnie Day

Legion name: ? Mat.: ?

Nationality :British left the RAF in about 1956/57br I am looking for anyone who might have known John/Johnnie Day in the last 1950s/early 60s (possibly 1957-1962) in Algeria or Djibouti.
He could have been known as Warr (or Wolf(f). His date of birth was 3rd December 1933 and he had served five years in the RAF, some of that time with Allied Air Forces Central Europe in Fontainebleau.
Whilst there he married a French girl, Lucette Canfin, but back in Britain Lucette left him. Unsuccessfully looking for her in Paris he became penniless and attempted to join the French Army but because of the time factor was sent on to the Legion HQ in Paris where he got a pass to Marseilles.
He had the advantage of being totally bilingual and had also completed a Russian course whilst in the RAF.
After the de Gaulle debacle his regiment returned to France. He is thought to have left the Legion with one Georges Dentressangle. Another known French colleague was Marius Chassang.
It is understood John later became a mercenary in the Congo, was wounded and spent some time in hospital in Belgium.

Posted Feb. 7 2008 By: Rosemarie
E-mail Please Contact Rosemarie via Lorak

Real name: Max (Maximilian) Beck

Legion name: same Mat.: that was provided 97440, but it can not be the correct one

Nationality : German
Date of birth March 15 1934,name Max (maximilian) Beck, last seen in Legion 1959
One photo had the address 1er REI C.I.S (barre) I believe that he served in the 1er REP after basic training
I met him in Paris France 1963
He was married to Mrs. Ginette beck maiden name Merle. I would like to find my brother as he is the only family member I have left.
We were separated after the last war.
If anyone recognizes him please contact me, I would also show him my daughter who just had her first child

Posted Feb. 6 2008 By: Norman
E-mail Please Contact Norman

Real name: Andre Schemann

Legion name: Andre Schemann Mat.: ?

Nationality : German
Served in the German military in World War II
Served in French Foreign Legion after the war in Indochina, until at least 1954
He served in the north and south part of Vietnam and it is believed He was sent back to Algeria in 1954-55
Married an Indochinese woman who passed away in 1954 and had a child - Therese Andrea
She was adopted by an American couple in 1955. She became the United States National Teacher of the Year
Any information on Andre Schemann would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Norm
Therese Dozier (married name)

Posted Jan. 31 2008 By: Hartmut
E-mail Please Contact Hartmut

Real name: Heinrich Andresen

Legion name: ?? Mat.: ?

Nationality : German
I'm searching for information about my fahter "Heinrich Andresen" last Adress in 1947 was: Mle 1443 P, S.P. 50540, B.M.B.M., Paris. This Photo was taken while in 4em REI as a member of the music band.there are three pictures on "other legion" link bottom page two, named vater Can you help me ? Thank you

Posted Dec. 17-2007 By: Brigga
E-mail Please Contact Brigga

Real name: Albert Rheker

Legion name: ?? Mat.: ?

Nationality : German
Born 29th. March 1919 in Wiedenbrück, North Rhine Westphalia
He served in the German Airforce, we do not know if he was shot down, taken prisoner and subsequently joined the Legion or not.
His last sortie was from St. Dizier bay on the 14th of June 1944.

Posted Oct. 16-2007 By: Monica
E-mail Please Contact Monica

Real name: Alfred Rotter

Legion name: Alfred Rother
died in combat 1950 His name was discovered on the Honor wall Frejus France

Nationality : German, born March 29 1930
Would have enlisted at age 18 in 1948 German - lived in Bayreuth area after exodus from Sudetenland
1948 - Built houses for the Catholic Church in Rehau, Germany for short time with his brother.
1948 - Last job known was on a farm outside Bayreuth, Germany where he also lived.
This farm was beside the large farm of the Mayor of either Pegnitz or Dorflas. He quit shortly thereafter and has never been heard from since.
He mentioned to his brother that he wanted to join the French Foreign Legion
It was thought that he would have been in the Indo China War.
Any news would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just a hunch.
Thank you

Posted Sept. 8-2007 By: Elisabette
E-mail Please Contact Elisabette

Real name: Matteucci Leonardo

Legion name: ?? Mat.: ?

Nationality : Italian, born in Potenza, 11/11/1925
He served in North Africa ,Mascara,Algeria,2°B. I° R.E.I. 5 Company,him last letter dated 16/08/1950
Matricule:73775 died in indochina??? I hope to find someone that knew or served with him He is a brother of my grandfather.
Thank you

Posted June 21-2007 By: susanne
E-mail Please Contact Susanne

Real name: Kees Bakker

Legion name: ? Mat.: ?

Nationality : Dutch D.O.B. 01-11-1937 Note:I am looking for someone who have served with him 1957-1962 or recognize him (he is the tall sgt. on the right) or themselves on the picture. send voltigeur a request to see the larger form of the picture.

Posted Feb. 21-2007 By: Juliana
E-mail Please Contact Juliana

Real name: Tibor Sabo

Legion name: Tihomir Mat.: ?

Nationality : ? D.O.B. 1945 Note:I am looking for my Uncle. I believe he served from 1970 to 1975, maybe longer.
He was last seen in Aubagne 1974 by a man who lives in Senta

Posted Dec. 13-2006 By:
E-mail Please Contact Dorota

Real name:

Legion name: ? Mat.: ?

x Note:person has contacted family

Posted By: Petra Aug. 5 2007
E-mail Please Contact Petra

Real name: Jozsef Balhasi

Legion name: ??

geb. 26.05.1940 in Solt (Ungarn).Er hat 2 ältere Schwestern. Verheiratet war er zu jener Zeit mit Hildegard, geborene Funk aus Mannheim-Seckenheim. Er hatte einen Sohn mit Namen Michael (inzwischen verstorben) und eine Tochter (mich), von mir weiss er möglicherweise nicht wie ich heiße und dass ich ein Mädchen bin. Er war 1956 aus Ungarn geflohen wegen des Aufstands gegen die rote Armee.
seine Mutter lebte in Erdliget bei Budapest. Die Daten der Legion sind: Juni 1959 - 1er Regiment /Comp. de Passage Nr. 3 anschließend Centre d' Instruction Nr. 2/8 éme Compagni á/c 02.08.1959 - absent 02.10.1959 - 26.10.1960 Section Administrative des Isolés/A 2

He was married to Hildegard nee "Funk" from Mannheim-Seckenheim, he had one son Michael, who in the mean time has died and me his daughter. It is possible he does not know my name and that he had a daughter,
because of his participation in the uprising, he flew out of Hungary in 1956.
His mother used to live near Budapest in Erdliget.

Posted Sept. 23-2006 By: Jane
E-mail Please Contact Jane

Real name: Roger De Coster

Legion name: Roger De Coster Mat.: ?

Joined the Legion 1940, was in 1er REI Sidi Bel Abbes from 1949 until at least 1951 maybe longer

My mother is Marie Pope and I’m trying to find out for her if anything can be found about what happened to this tough but gentle Legionnaire.If any Ancien or family member remembers him, please contact me.

Posted Aug 12-2006 By: Raul Marti
E-mail Please Contact Raul

Real name: Fernando Jaime Ara

Legion name: Fernando Jaime Ara Mat.: 84.517

né dans Zaragoza, Espagne.
Formation: 3 eme Cie 1/6 REI Le Kef, Tunisie, Juillet - décembre 1951
Indochine: 10 eme Cie 3/3 REI à Phu Luu. PA 26 Na San 1952. Isabelle, Dien Bien Phu, 1954.
Chargeur du FM.
Médaille coloniale avec agrafe: "Extreme-Orient"
Cite a l'ordre de la Brigade: Croix de guerre des T.O.E. avec ETOILE de BRONZE.
Mort en captivité 8-juin-1954, selon le gouvernement français. Il a été vu vivant au sud de la France dans une date postérieure à l'armistice.

According to french government He died in captivity June 8 1954, but supposedly had been seen alive and well in France after the cease fire

Posted Nov.18 2005 By: Daniel Suter
E-mail Please Contact Daniel

Real name: Erich Ambs born in Waldkirch /Breisgau. Germany

Legion name: Egon Amrich

I am looking for my half-brother, he Joined the Foreign Legion around 1968 or 1969 and served in the 2 em REP and 2 em REI (was also in Chad) Matricule 152635. Please contact me if you have known him. Thanks

Posted Oct 24 2005 By: Renato Cavinato
E-mail Please Contact Renato

Real name: Ugo Cavinato

Legion name: ?

Ugo Cavinato, mle 118723 etait au 1er rep, 2eme cc, 1ere section; du 1958 a' 1959 lorque il a' ete tue' au combat dans la region d'Orleanville a' djebel bab mezana. 3 fois cite'. il etait voltigeur et tireur d'elite. Je cherche quelq'un qui l'ait connu ou meme des photo. La photo avec mon frere (en maillot) et un regulier à ete prise a' la plage de Zeralda en 1958. Merci Renato Cavinato

Ugo Cavinato Legion number: mle 118723 served in the 1e REP, second company, first platoon from 1958 to 1959
He was killed in action in the area of Orleansville Algeria in the Bab Mezana Mountains
He was three time decorated and was a Voltigeur and a sharp shooter
I am looking for anyone who might have known him, the picture was taken on the beach in Zeralda,(he is the one in the swimming trunks). please contact me at the above address.

Posted Oct 15 2005 By: Angela
E-mail Please Contact Angela

Real name: Rolf Haberman Holle

Legion name: ?

D.O.B: 4 / 7 / 1932 Joined foriegn legion around 1958 / 1959 last heard from 1964 / 1965 was posted in algeria at the time of last letter

Posted June 26 2005 By: Isabelle
E-mail Please Contact Isabelle (via web master)

Real name: Johnny O'Brien?

Legion name: Johnny O'Brien

Isabelle wrote:
Je recherche un legionnaire nomme ; Johnny O'Brien qui etait en 1972/1973 a Diego-Suarez certainement au camp Sakaramy- Madagascar, parachutiste. Il etait tres certainement au 3 REI/ 2 REP 76.81
D'origine anglosaxon (Irlandais tres certainement), n'est jamais revenu a en tant que legionnaire a Madagascar.

I am looking for a Irishman Johnny O'Brien who was in 1972-1973 in Diego-Suarez and for sure in Camp Sakaramy-Madagascar.
He was for sure a parachutist and served in the 2 REP and 3 REI from 1976-1981

Posted By: Sylvia H.
E-mail Please Contact Sylvia

Real name: Otto Helfer

Legion name: Lucien Navaro

Nom: HELFER Alias : NAVARO Lucien
Prénom: Friedrich
Date de Naissance : 18 juillet 1934
Lieu de Naissance : Lassnitz ( Autriche )
Matricule 129 461
Numéro identifiant défense : 59 137 03582
Dernier grade détenu : Légionnaire de 2ème Classe
Entrée en service le : 10.octobre 1959
Fin de service le :10 octobre 1964
Interruption des services entre deux contrats : Néant
Attribution du certificat de bonne conduite : ACCORDE
Affectation successives
1er R.E.I. le 25.10.1959
2éme R.E.C le 23.04.1960
1er R.E.C. le 01.08.1962
1er R.E.I. le 22.07.1964
Médaille commémorative des opérations de sécurité et de maintien de l'ordre en Afrique du Nord avec agrafe << Algérie >>
I am looking for anyone who might have known him.

Posted By: Johannes Suiding
E-mail Please Contact Johannes

Real name:???

Legion name: Massolin

Legionnaire Johannes Suiding served from 1956 tot 1961 in the 1er REP Zeralda Algeria. Première cl matricule 112905 and hopes to get in contact with Massolin.

Posted By: Paul Gimlik (Legion name: Alex Glenn, mat. 159xxx 2eme REI)
E-mail Please Contact Paul

Real names???:

Legion names: Felix Royet, Marc Dolman, Josef Heifetz

I am hoping to contact Felix Royet, 2eme REI 1978-79. Marc Dolman, 1ere RE (he did a course in Corte in 1979). Josef Heifetz would finished instruction at Castelnaudary in '79 and then went to Djibouti. Josef was Austrian and his matricule was 1597**.

Posted By: Lars Larsen
E-mail Please Contact Lars

Real name:

Legion name: Anton

He served in in 2 REI, 2 Batallion, 9 Company. Matricule 51.784.
He served in North Africa and Indo China from 20 January 1948 to 3 July 1952. He was decorated with the Croix de Guerre 2 times. He died 30 March 2001.
Is there anybody who have known him and know his real Name ??. I will be very glad to receive some information about him.

Posted By: Legionnaire Porter
E-mail Please Contact/Contacter S.V.P. Foreign Legion Diary

Real name:
Gianpietro Pavoncelli.

Legion name:

Supplied by Legionnaire, Porter: If you recognize the man in the pictures please get in touch with me by using the email link above. His elderly parents have not heard from him since June of 1980, and only wish to know if he is in good health, or indeed still alive. He is Italian, and his real name is Gianpietro Pavoncelli. His mother saw this photo of a Legionnaire in a magazine and believes it to be her son. Any information concerning his whereabouts is greatly appreciated. Thank-You***Connaissez-vous le homme dans ces photos? Il est d'origine Italien et son vrai nom est Gianpietro Pavoncelli. Il est porte disparu depuis Juin 1980, et ces parents voudrais savoir seulment s'il est en bon sante, ou meme vivant. Sa mere a vu cette photo du Legionnaire dans un revue, et elle pense que c'est peut-etre lui. Si vous-avez des nouvelles, S.V.P. envoyer un lettre par le lien email trouver en ci-dessus. Merci Beaucoup.

Posted By: Teresa Piscal
E-mail piscalhomefront@msn.com

Real name: Last name might be Hartwich, He might be from Germany

Legion name: Cécone

Supplied by Geert Soenen: "The legionnaire on the cover of this magazine made carrier in the French Foreign Legion paratrooper Regiment (2ème REP) where I also served and based in Corsica (France). He joined the FFL in 1980 at the age of 18. His current name is Cécone and he lives as retired legionnaire in Calvi, Corsica not far from the base."
I would appreciate it if anyone could obtain his address and send it to me. Thank you, Teresa.

Posted By: Krystna@Gregor Fatz
E-mail k.g.fatz@gmx.de

Real name:
Hieronimus Fatz

Legion name:

Served in Indo China and Algeria from 1950-1965.

Posted By:Linda Williams
E-mail Iwil2@hotmail.com

Real name:

Legion name:

Joined the Legion late 1930's to 1941, he would have been a young man in his twenties at the time. He returned to Poland for a visit in 1941 and was gaught up in the war.He was subsequently sent to a labor camp in Siberia. He escaped and through a long series of adventures ended up in a refugee camp in Persia during the rest of the war. If anyone recognizes or remembers that name, could they contact me at posted e mail address. Thanks.

Posted By:Nicole Gnad
E-mail moupas@pt.lu

Real name:
Francois Feger

Legion name:

Born July 19-1915 Metz/Moselle. His parents were Joseph Feger and Catherine Sondag. Died March 2-1973 in Metz. He served in Indo China, Korea and Algeria until approximately 1965.
He was decorated, but we have no information as to which medals he received. Anyone who might have known him, please contact me as I am working on our family's genealogy

Posted By:Magdalena Konieczna
E-mail scarabe@interia.pl

Real name:
Stanislaw Madrowzkiewicz

Legion name:

I am looking for information about my Uncle, my dream is to be able to find his grave and pay my respects.
He was born 10-11-1904 in Krotozyn Poland. He served from about 1932 to 1952 in the 1ere REI, 2eme REI, and 3eme REI in Morocco, Algeria Tonkin-China and Indo China.
Medals: croix de guerre, and other medals.

Posted By: Gianni Peltrin
E-mail gp46@interplanet.it

Real name:
Peltrin Renato

Legion name:

Served in Indo China, 1er BEP and MIA the 5th. or 7th. October 1950 in Dong Khe on the route RC 4 .

Posted By: Robin
E-mail wendy-robin@planet.nl

Real name:Alex (Lex) Faber, Dutch Nationality

Legion name:Probably Tous Tous

He served in the Legion from 1993 to 2000. He was in the 3em REI in Kourou and Bosnia. I like to know if Lex is still in good health and good shape. Our history prior to the Legion goes back many years and we always had a good time together. My latest conversations with him gave me cause for concern. He suddenly disappeared without a trace and I have not heard from him since. If anyone sees or hears from him, please contact me. Even a short note that he is all right will do. Thanks. .

Posted By: Jürgen Losse
E-mail juel95@aol.com

Real name:
Helmuth Losse

Legion name:
? Matricule: 64875

Served from 1949-1954 Indo China then Algeria, Morocco and Madagascar. he was wounded in Indo China 23 June 1954. He left the Legion in 1962.

Posted By: Tania
E-mail taniaszabo@hotmail.com

Real name:
Etienne Michel Rene Szabó

Legion name:
Etienne Michel Rene Szabó

Adjudant-Chef 1st REI, 2nd REI and 13th Demi-Brigade, maybe more. Served from 1927-1942. he was mortally wounded at El Himeimat on 24th October 1942. Hoped to find someone that knew or served with him.

Légion d'Honneur, Médaille Militaire, Croix de Guerre avec Palme et >Etoile, Médaille Coloniale.

Posted By: Linda
E-mail linda.zammit@cogeco.ca

Real name:
Frederic Robert Gallus

Legion name:

Served from 1949-1951.Born 1925 in Budapest Hungary died 1998

? not yet known.

Posted By: Nathalie Prangey
E-mail deborahf@freesurf.fr

Real name:
Gerard Prangey

Legion name:

Missing for many years in FFL.

Posted By: dagmar
E-mail dagmar67@hotmail.com

Real name:
Andreas Kuenstner

Legion name:

From Austria. Last known location was in 4RE/CIC/CT100 in Castelnaudary just before the GulfWar.

Posted By: dagmar
E-mail dagmar67@hotmail.com

Real name:
Stephen Mullins

Legion name:

Decommissioned in 1989 - retuned to (somewhere in) the UK.

Posted By: IVorholt
E-mail IVorholt@gmx.de

Real name:
Franz Friedrich Maahs

Legion name:

Born 1935, Marl. He went in 1960 or 1961 to the Legion.

Posted By: Christian Eberl
E-mail EberlChristian@aol.com

Real name:
Klemens Eberl

Legion name:

Soldier in the Legion.

Posted By: Otakar HASEK
E-mail ohasek1@san.rr.com

Real name:
Otakar HASEK

Legion name:

Legionnaire #58545 1BEP.
Survivor of the COC-XA masacre on RT#4 Tonkin 1950 Prisonier of war in Viet Nam Camp #3. I am looking for surviving batalion friends.

Posted By: theresa
E-mail rolyatt2000@juno.com

Real name:
Alain Martel

Legion name:

ex Legionnaire. Met at Harborfest,6/3/94 in Norfolk.

Posted By: jamie ballard
E-mail jamieballardusa@juno.com

Real name:
Tony Walsh

Legion name:

Last heard of in Djibouti.

Posted By: Yvette
E-mail Yvetteastar@bigpond.com

Real name:
Johannes Petersen

Legion name:

Born in Netherlands 1933 now about age 66. Missing many years.

Posted By: Jude Balfe
E-mail judebalfe@hotmail.com

Real name:
Michael Joseph Balfe

Legion name: Might have been Marcus Bettings

Born in the UK 1967. Served in the Legion from May 1986 to Oct 1991 - probably in 2REP (unconfirmed). Thought to have been living in Lyon, France in 1999. The picture is when he was in the British Army before joining the Legion.

May still be serving in the Legion today as a Caporal-Chef Served in 2nd Regiment de Parachutists.

Posted By: Nina Salomonsson
E-mail nina.salomonsson@mrmusic.se

Real name:
Lars Nilsson

Legion name:

He is an old friend who joined the French Foreign Legion about 2 years ago. He is swedish.

Posted By: Edith Kuehnle
E-mail EKUEHNLE@hotmail.com

Real name:
Alfred Kern

Legion name:

Born in Germany, last place of residence in 1958 was Titisee. He probably joined Legion Etrangere in1958 and had been in the Algerian war.

Posted By: Tinka Opala
E-mail tinka@sympatico.ca

Real name:
Bartlomiej Los

Legion name:
Anton/Antoni Los

Born in Poland in 1929 Joined some time between 1947 to 1954. Last known contact was Marseilles. When he wrote that he was engaged to an Italian Girl. He said at that time he intended to come to Canada after his service, to join other family. He served in Cambodia.

Posted By: Clare Davis
E-mail claredavis.designs@ukonline.co.uk

Real name:
Angus McClay

Legion name:

Was in the Legion about 1984 - 1990ish. Also looking for "Spider" or Tony Web.

Posted By: Elsa op 't Holt
E-mail holtjes@hetnet.nl

Real name:
Adrianus (Arie) Braam)
My web site: http://home.hetnet.nl/~holtjes/

Legion name:
Arie Bramm, or Fabien Braam)

The picture is from when he served in Korea before joining the Legion. Where he served from: 1960 till 1972 (five years in 2em REI, from 1965 to 1970 in Lyons information office. from 1970 to 1972 in the 3em REI in Madagasgar After almost 13 years in the Legion he died of a brain tumor at the Hospital: Val de Grace in Paris, France, on 28 November 1972 He was part of the first regiment and his matricule was: 130.933 He was a Legionnaire first class . His Lieutenant Colonel was: PLANTEVIN He served in Algiers; Madagascar and France. I am trying to locate old friends of him, who knew him well! Please vist my website for more information and pictures: http://home.hetnet.nl/~elisabethjantje/index.html

Posted By: Eleonora
E-mail vitkol@newmail.ru

Real name:
Roman Timofeevich Krjazh

Legion name:KRIZHEVSKI

He is a native of Ukraine born 1916 who within 2-nd World war was at war in the Soviet Army (Air - landing armies)and without a message disappeared in February 1945 in Czechoslovakia. Under the information available at me,he was slightly wounded and has got in the French or American hospital in territory of Czechoslovakia. Further he was transported in Congo (to Africa). Then he had entered the French Foreign legion where served long time.

Posted By: Renate L
E-mail renatel@zonnet.nl

Real name:
Louis Donckers

Legion name:

Born 1936 died 1992. Joined around 1960. Renate is looking for information about him and his past.

Posted By: Theresa
E-mail ttma63@aol.com

Real name:
Alain Martel

Legion name:

Harbor fest. June 3rd - 5th, 1994.
On Fri. night, 6/3/94 I met a group of French Foreign Legionnaires in Norfolk, Virginia. USA.
At 7 a.m. on June 7th, 1994, they flew out of Norfolk International Airport, Norfolk, VA. Headed for French Guyanne.

I am searching for Alain Martel.
Last known address =
C/C Martel, Alain
Quartier. Forget 3 eme REI
C_E_A Section.
Travaux, Kourou, Guyane
? 97310
I have written to many over the years. The French Foreign Legion Headquarters deny they were ever in Norfolk, Virginia.
The group stayed at the Cinclant Fleet base in Norfolk, Virginia. They were in the U.S. x 7 days.
I respectfully request that you e-mail me with any help or direction you can provide.
Thank you.

Posted By: Adrie Bruinenberg
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Real name:
Aaldert Bruinenberg

Legion name:
Bruinenberg Aaldert Matricule 110.739

Served from 1955-1961 1er REP and after 1961 2em REI TD>

Posted By: Hélène Wallaert
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Real name:
Théophile Wallaert

Legion name:

Joined the Legion in 1939 matricule: 84799 and took part in the battle of Narvik Norway.

Posted By: James Holden.
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Real name:
Mick Balfe

Legion name:

am looking for my best friend and fellow paratrooper Mick Balfe (Michael Joseph Balfe). We joined the British Army in '83, served in Juniors together and later passed P Company together. It has been 15 years since. Mick left for the FFL in April '86, (Sorry Mick my knee was too rooted to go with you). I left the Paras 2 years later. The rest is a long story which I look forward to sharing with you over some beers. All the best to you Mick, Jim If anyone knows Mick or can help by passing this message on to him it would be much appreciated. Jim jholden@froggy.com.au .

Posted By: Désirée.
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Real name:
Wolfgang Kuhn

Legion name:

Joined the Legion 1959 served in 1er REI 6eme cie/company.

Posted By: Jean Louis Beeken
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Real name:
Nutelaers Jean-Emiel

Legion name:
Matricule: 400075 Joined June 1946 served in Indo-China from March 1947 until his dead.
served in the second Battailion 13 th. Half Brigade and 3em REP
Died after illness in Hanoi October 1948. he was buried in Hanoi
I would like to find survivors of those paras of the 3 REP who served with Lieutenant Morin

Je cherche tout les informations de mon oncle, son nom Nutelaers Jean-Emiel, ne le 22 juni 1922 a Hasselt-Belgie 3500 , engage en 1945, mort le 19 octobre 1948 en Hanoi Tonkin. Je crois qu il etait avec le 13 DBLE et le 3eme REP en 1946 il etait en afrique , en 1947 il etait en Indo China