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New Sept 24 2015
Posted by EV: Michal Jack/James Martin on de Cervens legion forum. My Experience at Aubagne, Read the post in the FFL INFO / letters and Posts section

New August 15 2014
Posted Aug. 15 2014 on de Cervens legion forum by E.V.. Here's my contribution, tips for EVs and my experience during selection. Read the post in the FFL INFO / letters and Posts section

Institution des Invalides de la légion étrangère
. Description: You can make a donation by clicking on the icon"faire le don" all donations are used for the benefit of the Legionnaires living there

- September 17, 2008
Site is now back up after weeks of troubles with my former host. Site is undergoing maintenance and will be improved soon. Thanks T.H.!

- June 30, 2008
Latest post from Wayne returned from Aubagne in the FFL Info then letters and posts section

- April 25, 2008
Post from Mad Jock, a de Cervens forum member, who just returned from trying to enlist, see L & P

- January 21, 2007
Post from Rifleman, a de Cervens forum member, who just came back from Aubagne after being turned away,He gives an excellent account of what you can expect during selection see L & P

- July 30, 2006
Post from legionnaire who just finished his basic training, see letters.

- July 4, 2006
Reality check by Former Legion NCO, see letters and posts.

I have placed all the links I had in the French Foreign Legion web ring on my link page.
If I missed anyone, please send me your URL. Thanks!

de Cervens'Foreign Legion forum. URL:

- April 19, 2004 - Kepi Blanc Magazine (see also links).

- December 12, 2000 - Code d'honneur.
A new Code d'honneur for the French Foreign Legion, read the new code here.

- October 20, 2000 - A article about jungle training in French Guyana.

This article gives you a good impression about the jungle training of the Legion here.