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This page list links of the French Foreign Legion and others. If you like to have a link on this page to your web site, please e mail me
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de Cervens Message Board
Description: You can post messages for all the visitors to see and to reply to.

The official web site of the French Foreign Legion recruitment
Description: Information in French English, German, Polish and Portugese.

The official web site of the French Foreign Legion
Description: Information in French English, German, Polish and Portugese etc.
use the translator link.

Institution des Ivalides de la Légion Etrangère
A center for veterans of the Legion where they produce wine and souvenirs. It is a retirement place as well for them and is totally self sufficient. It is in English and Spanish as well.

Donations can be made via this link: Paiement sécurisé on the right side of page

Kepi Blanc Magazine
A monthly magazine with articles about the French Foreign Legion from the past and present. (official inauguration will be April 30 2004). For subscription information see link, FFL INFO-general info-number 14

Nederlanders in het Franse Vreemden Legioen
Description: Nederlandse Legionairs
Overigen Krijgsdiensten

T-shirts with Legion insignias
Works inspired by the famous French Foreign Legion to support the Foreign Legion Info website.

T-shirts with Legion insignias

Kid T-Shirts now also available

Official french Ministry of Defence website
Official french Ministry of Defence website
This website gives the public access to databases created from the digitalization and indexation of biographical records preserved in the services of the ministry of defence.
It also aims to honour the memory of those who took part in contemporary wars and sometimes gave their lives for their country.
Click on research and fill in the required info.

Museum of the French Foreign Legion
The legion is building a new Museum, donations can be made via paypal or credit cards. Click on "dons" second link from the left on tool bar

Legion history and up-to-date information about the French Foreign Legion
This web site is regularly up-dated as new information becomes available. It is in my opinion one of the most interesting web sites about the French Foreign Legion.
new:The Legion launched their digital/online version of the Kepi Blanc magazine.

Kepi Blanc Magazine
My aim with 'French 4 Foreign Legionnaires' is to prepare you for some of the hardships that you will surely encounter. Thanks to my early days in the legion, I know what you will be going through, together we can make it easier. Remember to subscribe and to share my channel Legio Patria Nostra (the Legion is our Home).

A Legion Forum
Site de discussion sur la Légion Etrangère, les légionnaires,les Kepis Blancs, et les anciens. Actualités, informations et articles consacrés à la Légion Etrangère.
site et forum privés non officiels , amicale virtuelle des anciens legionnaires. Depuis Avril 2006 Site privé réservé aux anciens Légionnaires.
A discussion forum about the French Foreign Legion for ex legionnaires and serving legionnaires
Actual information and articles dedicated to the FFL
Membership on this site is restricted to ex and serving Legionnaires.

A personal web site from a ten year veteran of the Legion

Extreme Navy Seal Experience
NAVY SEAL TRAINING Academy for Civilians... As a retired Navy SEAL of 24-years service, I train, direct, supervise, and I'm responsible for every aspect of the Navy SEAL BUD/S Preparation Training conducted here.

a personal web site.
A Personal web site from a former Legionnaire
Under construction

Je viens d'un pays qui n'existe plus...
Web site from a Pied Noir, All about French Algeria (It is in French)

Vacation in Cuba
The best service to facilitate your vacation in Cuba.

web site of Bernard Dossmann
a personal web site about the First Legion Cavalry Regiment (1er REC)

Jürgen Joachim's Web site
A French Foreign Legion web site in German

Andy's Military Jeep Pages
Hotchkiss MB Licence / M201 jeep pages, All you need to find out about Jeeps

Collections of Badges and Military History".
PURCHASE, SALE, EXCHANGE, STUDY, THE COUNCILS. "Collections of Badges and Military History" .

A friends (Amicale) of the Belgian Para Commandos web site.
Description: A new web site under construction(It is in the Flemish language).

Thierry de Cervens Legion web site
Description: Thierry de Cervens Legion Page. A truly great web site dedicated to his father who was an officer of the Legion. It has a lot of information.

Web site of the Currahees .

Description: Official website for the unit in which Terry Weaver served during his time in Vietnam
3d Bn 506th Parachute Infantry 101st Airborne Div

Royal Marines or British Armed Forces items.
Description: If you require any Royal Marines or British Armed Forces items which include clothing, caps, hats, cutlery, glassware, tableware, linen with your unit, company, regimental, ship or squadron details on we can do this for you.

A web site about the famous Selous Scouts
Description: Scouts history and information etc.

Legion Cavalery
. Description: A very interesting web site about the Cavalerie Regiments of the French Foreing Legion, including the history.

Army Links
. Description: A big collection of links to armies and elite forces all over the world.

Toy soldiers and colectibles
. Description: A company located in Argentina dedicated mainly to sell plastic toy soldiers made in Argentina by DSG from the molds provided by Britains and from its own molds. Also sell another toy soldiers and collectibles.

. Description:

Legion cavalry
Description: History of various legion regiments, in particular the 1 ere REC

Cecel News
. Description: Legion web site and lots of humor cartoons

federation of ex Legionnaires
. Description: In the French Language

. Description: A Dutch Sailors choir, Lots of old sailor songs that will tug at the heart strings of any sailor

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