It looks like that the 18 year old cook's helper J.van Raamt from the town of IJmuiden will not be coming home for a while on the Lier street 20.
As a crew member of the M.S. Hector from the K.N.S.M., what was supposed to be a small trip of six weeks in the waters of the North African coast, turned out to be a long term stay in the French Foreign Legion.
On Sunday July 26, the young IJmuidenaar and the 22 year old J. Klaasen-Bos from Amsterdam went ashore in Oran. From this outing they did not return and the Captain of the Hector concluded that he had to do with two deserters from the ship.
In this vein he send a telegram to the ship's Company. Without the two Men aboard the Hector lifted anchor for the trip home.
The KNSM (ship's company) contacted their agent in Oran and the Dutch vice-consulate there.
After an exchange of telegrams, the agent claimed that the men were being well. However, a few days later he had to tell that the two sailors had signed up for the French Foreign Legion. This became apparent to him after a detailed investigation.
Without means to support themselves, they had contacted the agent of the KNSM, who in turn notified his Company about the sailors  showing up.  being in an unfortunate situation, the men apparently fell in the hands of head hunter (ronselaar) who had little trouble to get them to sign for the Legion.
The mother of van Raamt and her husband had already taken steps to see if they can release them from the claws of the Legion, but without success. The Velsen Police department that was involved with this attempt, did not believe it would work. according to French law, van Raamt is for the military considered adult and only a medical discharge would safe him.
*FYI All the statements about the agent and headhunter was pure fabrication perpetrated by the Company or reporter.