Military sites from:

  Indonesia: Indonesian Defense Forces    Egypt: Egyptian Armed Forces
  India: Indian Armed Forces   -- Rhodesia: Selous Scouts
    ,, Indian Land Forces   South-Africa: Dovey's Army pages
  IsraŽl: IsraŽl Defense Forces   ,, South African Forces
    ,, IsraŽl Army   ,, Anglo Boer War Museum
  Japan: Japan Defense Agency  
  South-Korea: Korean Defense Forces   AUSTRALIA / OCEANIA
  Malaysia: Malaysian Armed Forces   Australia: The Australian Army
    ,, Malaysian Special Forces   New Zealand: New Zealand Armed Forces
  Pakistan: Pakistan Army  
  Philippines: Philippine Army South America
  Singapore: Singapore Army   Argentina: Armada Argentina
    ,, Singapore Commandos   Brasil: Exťrcito Brasileiro
  Thailand: Kings own Guards   Columbia: Colombia Armed Forces
Chile: Ejercito de Chile
North- and Central America Venezuela: Venezualian Armed Forces
Canada: Canadian Armed Forces
Cuba: Cuban Armed Forces
Mexico: Defensa National de Mexico
USA: US Air Force
,, US Army homepage
,, US Navy
,, Green Berets Com.
,, Rangers lead the way !
,, 75th Ranger Regiment Ass.
,, US Army Special Forces
Austria: ÷sterreichs Bundesheer Netherlands: Dutch Armed Forces - official
Belgium: Belgian Armed Forces ,, Dutch Army - official
Croatia: Croatian Steel Panthers ,, Garde Regiment Fuseliers Prinses Irene
,, Croatian Army ,, Dutch Army Commandos
( not official)
Denmark: Danish Defence Forces ,, Commando Duik Vereniging
Finland: Finnish Defence Forces ,, Korps Commandotroepen - official
France: La Dťfense Nationale ,, Marketgarden
,, The French foreign Legion ,, Home of the Hawkeyes
,, Die Fremden Legion ,, Defensie Pagina
,, The French Legion ,, Soesterberg Wolfhounds
,, French Marine Corps ,, Korps Commandotroepen - not official
,, GIGN ,, Theo's military site
,, S.A.S SOUVENIR WW2 ,, Dutch Marine Corps
,, James' French Foreign Legion ,, Dutch Marine Corps
Germany: Atlantikwall Website ,, Luchtmobiele brigade
,, Bundeswehr Norway: Norwegian Armed Forces
,, Das Kommando Spezialkršfte Poland: Polish Armed Forces
,, Das Reich Portugal: Portugese Army
,, Deutsche Afrika Korps Romania: Romanian National Defence
,, Jšgertruppe Russia: Military Parade
,, Fallschirmjšger seite ,, Russian Equipment
Great-Britain: The British Army ,, Russian Military Zone
,, SAS ,, Spetsnatz
,, SAS ,, Russian Paratroopers
,, The Special Air Service ,, Russian SF
,, SAS Slovenia: Slovenian Armed Forces
,, The Alternative Royal Marines Slowakia: Military Academy
Greece: Hellenic National Defence ,, Army of the Slovak Republic
,, Hellenic Armed Forces Spain: Spanish Armed Forces
Hungaria: Hungarian Defence Army ,, La Legiůn EspaŮola
Ireland: The Irish Defence Forces Sweden: Swedish Armed Forces
Italy: Italian Armed Forces Switzerland: Swiss Armed Forces
Macedonia: Macedonian Defence Forces ,, Swiss Raid Commando
Turkey: Turkey Armed Forces


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